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  Get Organized  
Did you know … disorganization can cost you lost profits, missed deadlines and overlooked opportunities?

Moving my office alone would have been a nightmare. Thanks to DeLeo Organizational Solutions, my business never missed a beat. They took care of everything packing, supervising the movers, coordinating the computer hook-ups it was flawless.

  Relocating your office?  
DeLeo Bookkeeping and Office Solutions will completely manage the entire office move while you run your business.




Wrestling with the stress of office relocation? Make a smooth move!

Our professional organizational consultants will manage your entire office move … while you run your business.

  • Find New Office Space
  • Conduct Pre-Move Clutter Control
  • Coordinate All Movers, Contractors, and Vendors
  • Handle All Packing and Unpacking
  • Purchase Furniture and Office Equipment
  • Connect All Computers, Phones, and Technology
  • Manage Workspace Design and Filing Systems

With DeLeo Bookkeeping & Office Solutions, LLC, you no longer need to close your business for days during a move. Our experts help you avoid the common pitfalls, inconveniences, and disruptions … for a effortless, seamless transition.

Contact us today for a FREE one-hour consultation, and learn how you can relocate your office with ease.